Pear Tree

When I was a young teen, my grandfather planted a spindly little Bartlett pear tree in our backyard. As the years went by, we watched the fledgling tree grow large and leafy. Still more years passed before we saw blossoms, then finally fruit. Now our flourishing tree yields hundreds of pears each summer. In late July and early August, you’ll find my mom, along with several of her tall grandsons, picking bushels of the hard green fruit from Grandpa’s prolific tree. After a few days of storage in brown paper bags, the pears ripen, sweet and succulent. That’s when Mom’s work resumes. She spends countless hours paring, slicing, and simmering the pears into a delicious fruit sauce. The house fills with a delightful aroma and Grandpa’s loving legacy.

Here are a few delicate pear fragrances to try, along with their scent notes:

Jo Malone English Pear and FreesiaSweet Pears, White Ffreesias, Wild Roses, Amber, Patchouli & Woods.

Marc Jacobs Pear SplashPear, Bergamot, Musk, Juniper, Teakwood, Freesia, Amber, Lemon & Gin

Laura Tonatto M’amoPear, Mint, Eucalyptus & Musk

L’Artisan Mon Nombre 1Pear and Mimosa

Annick Goutal Petite CheriePear, Peach, Musky Rose, Fresh Cut Grass & Vanilla

  • Francesca


    • Karen Adams

      Thanks, Francesca! Glad you enjoyed the Pear Tree :)

  • moma

    What a lovely story about our pear tree! The pictures of the pears are so inviting! I guess I will have to start the pear sauce this week! Love…Mom

    • Karen Adams

      Thanks, Mom! Looking forward to the delicious pear sauce, and so are the boys. xoxoxo

  • Marcy

    So beautifully written! I can almost smell your moms pear sauce!

    • Karen Adams

      Thanks, Marcy! I’ll save you some!

  • Ruth Southland

    Bartlett was my grandmother’s maiden name. Yes, the very same family. Nice post!

    • Karen Adams

      Thanks, Ruth! You are pear royalty – very cool!

  • JoAnne Bassett

    I love the tradition of pears in your family. Great story.

    • Karen Adams

      Thanks, JoAnne!

  • Felicia H.

    Also, you may want to try GINGER PEAR by ILLUMINUM.