“Where should one use perfume?” a young woman asked. “Wherever one wants to be kissed,” I said.   Coco Chanel

Sarah Horowitz Perfumes Perfect Kiss – Jasmine, honeysuckle, amber, dark chocolate and sandalwood

Bath & Body Works Dark Kiss– Bergamot, incense, plum, black raspberry, amber rose, geranium, peony, vanilla, labdanum, vetiver, balsam and musk

Kiss Kiss Her – Fig leaves, red peppercorns, black orchid and mahogany

Escada Island Kiss– Orange, passion flower, mango, magnolia, sunny accord, peach, hibiscus, blond woods, musk and red fruits

Lalique Tendre Kiss – Litchi, berries, rose petals, pepper, nutmeg, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and incense

Salvador Dali Lovely Kiss – Grapefruit-blackcurrant sorbet, pink pepper, rhubarb leaves, peony, violet, litchi blossom, white cedar, patchouli and white musk

Parfums de Nicolai Kiss Me Tender – Vanilla, aniseed, almond and fresh cut hay

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cashmere Gloves: Perfume & A Knitting Pattern

This time of year, you’ll often find me relaxing on a cold winter evening with Netflix, a steaming cup of peppermint tea, a tiny square of dark chocolate from Barcelona, and a small knitting project. Last year, I created a plethora of  baby alpaca infinity scarves. This year, it’s bunches of cashmere-merino fingerless gloves. I just love the soft texture, the rich hues, and the slightly animalic scent (sheep? lanolin?) of the yarns as they loop through my circular needles to create a woven fabric. My mind often wanders with the rhythmic click of the needles. I love to think about how the mitts will be sent out to warm the hands of my favorite people. I love the way the wool picks up the scent of my L’Occitane hand cream and how it lingers in the threads.