Event Recap: Sniffapalooza’s Perfumery Launch Party at FlowerSchool New York!

Sniffapalooza’s Founder, Karen Dubin (center)

On a balmy evening in July, Sniffapalooza presented a Perfumery Launch Party at FlowerSchool New York. After thirteen years of floral expertise celebrating the craft and repertoire of New York’s most accomplished floral designers, FlowerSchool New York has expanded their programming to offer perfumery classes which explore the nuances of scent.

Stephen Dirkes, the founder of Euphorium Brooklyn, is the newest perfumer to join FlowerSchool New York’s esteemed faculty. He gave a detailed overview of his eight-part foundation course, The Perfume Library, which will provide students with the tools they need to create a perfume from each of eight different fragrance families. Stephen premiered his newest perfumes, Petales and Butterfly, which comes with a package of seeds to grow butterfly-loving plants with each bottle.

Perfumer Stephen Dirkes, Founder of Euphorium Brooklyn

In a creative pairing, Executive Director Calvert Crary created a floral arrangement based on the notes and characteristics of Butterfly.

FlowerSchool New York’s Executive Director, Calvin Crary

Michelle Gagnon, the founder of MKG Bio Alchemy, specializes in essential oils for skincare, marrying scent and therapeutic properties of natural oils from herbs, flowers, roots, fruits, and resins. She presented her newest product, Face Oil, and discussed her creative process and her work at Enfleurage, the well-known fragrance boutique, that takes her around the globe in search of world’s most exciting natural oils.

Michelle Gagnon, Founder of MKG Bio Alchemy

Guests dined on delectable cheeses complimented by a crisp summer rosé, and took home exclusive gift bags that included Euphorium Brooklyn   fragrance vials, MKG Bio Alchemy Face Oil, photographic floral notecards by New York photographer Tal Shpantzer, coupons for special pricing for FlowerSchool New York courses and purchases at Enfleurage, and fresh-cut, long-stem daisies. A fragrant time was had by all as we shared this interactive multi-sensory journey.
Images by Hernando Courtright