It’s Almost Time for #SniffaSpringFling2015!

Molton Brown Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea Collection

We’re super excited because in just a few short days, it will be time for Sniffapalooza Spring Fling! It’s going to be a wonderful weekend filled with fragrance, friends, and fun! There’s still a little time left to sign up, and you don’t want to miss this…

  • Premiere Molton Brown’s beautiful new Honeysuckle & White Tea Collection at their Flagship Boutique on Madison Avenue! They’ll be serving sweet treats and a special Sniffapalooza raffle & gift with purchase!
  • Discover Antica Farmacista’s brand new Damascena Rose, Orris & Oud at Bergdorf Goodman! It’s a heavenly blend of Damascus Rose Absolute, Violet, Tuscan Orris Root, Rhubarb, Lush Fruit, Oud, and Amber, and it’s on our Must Sniff List!
  • Celebrate the World Launch of Orlov Paris with a Private Cocktail Reception at Back Label Wine Merchants! There’s nothing better than perfume, champagne, caviar, and live music!

Two Weeks Till #SniffaSpringFling2015!!

In just two short weeks, fragrance enthusiasts from around the globe will be meeting in NYC for a weekend of scent exploration. Here are a few exciting new additions to our itinerary! There’s still time to sign up and register, just click HERE!

And there’s so much more planned, so check back for updates! Register Now to reserve your ticket for #SniffaSpringFling2015!

Special Sniffapalooza Discount for PerfumersWorld: The Art & Technology of Perfumery in NYC!

PerfumersWorld 2

From our friends at PerfumersWorld:

One of the most mysterious and misunderstood of all our senses, smell links us to a world of pleasure as well as warning of danger and helping us to identify everything from potential mates to foods we should probably avoid.

But while just about everything has a smell, we rarely have the words to describe them without borrowing from the other senses (how, exactly, do you describe the smell of watermelon?) or the awareness to notice the effect they have on our mood. That is about to change with a PerfumersWorld workshop being held in New York City from May 11 to 15.

Focusing on perfume creation, spa and lifestyle products, commercial perfumery, natural perfumery and aromatherapy, The Art and Technology of Perfumery Foundation Plus Workshop offers participants a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical significance of our sense of smell, while providing some of the practical skills necessary to start working as a creative perfumer, aromatherapist, evaluator or marketing specialist in five short days.

“I knew absolutely nothing about how perfume was made or the typical ingredients and notes that go into it,” said Aleksei Moskin after attending the one-week primer held in Bangkok earlier this year. “What Stephen Dowthwaite showed me is that like many other industries that surround themselves in mystery, once you pierce the veil of secrecy and learn the terminology, just about anyone can become a perfumer with a bit of determination and vision.”

Landing in New York a week before perfume lovers arrive in the big apple for Sniffapalooza — the fragrance equivalent of a rock festival that focuses on olfactory rather than aural pleasure — the workshop runs from May 11 to 15 and promises to change perceptions and foster innovation.

“I work in sales and marketing,” said a past participant whose non-disclosure agreement with an employer prevented her being identified. “In my line of work I need to be able to talk to people about the fragrances they wear and understand the deep emotional connection they have to them. The course not only provided me with the tools to do that but also gave me a deeper respect and admiration for perfumery as an artform.”

Taking participants from neophytes to budding perfumers in a few short days, the course was designed by Stephen V. Dowthwaite, a perfumer with over 40 years experience and owner of PerfumersWorld, a successful fragrance manufacturer and raw materials supplier located in Southeast Asia. Previously held in places as far-flung as Thailand, the UK and New Zealand, this is the fourth time the workshop is being held in New York. The course has attracted thousands of participants over the years with its mix of theory, practice and a Zen-like approach to the nature of creativity.

Lest it be thought that the course is only for complete beginners, numerous industry insiders and professionals from companies like IFF, Givaudan, Symrise, Aveda, Colgate Palmolive, Unilever, Firmenich and Penhaligon’s, have all been found sitting alongside journalists from The New York Times and Perfumer and Flavorist magazine and up-and-coming perfumers at the courses, sharing their own experience while gaining a fresh perspective on the tricks of the trade that are part and parcel of the craft.

“No matter what your level of understanding or your reason for attending one of these workshops,” said Dowthwaite, “you will grow exponentially. I have seen people who have been in the industry for 30 years discover something that has eluded them their entire careers just as often as I have seen someone who had no previous knowledge of organic chemistry create a perfume that they have then taken to market. It is both humbling and rewarding for everyone involved.”

To sign up and receive a 10% discount on course registration, go to and enter Sniffapalooza Exclusive in the message field on the deposit page.

It’s Time to Register for #SniffaSpringFling2015!

spring flowers nyc
As the temperatures warm and the last snowdrifts melt away, we’re dreaming of the first blooms of spring and planning the most incredible sensory adventure known to humankind – Sniffapalooza Spring Fling 2015 in NYC! Mark your calendars – the dates are Saturday, May 16  & Sunday, May 17 – for the TWENTY FIRST edition of our spectacular scent event!

For those of you who are just joining the Sniffapalooza family, the Sniffapalooza Spring Fling is an entire weekend crammed full of olfactory and multi-sensory experiences. You’ll come away from the weekend with new knowledge, new friends, lots of new goodies, and a new perspective on a fragrant life. There’s nothing else like it on the planet!

Click for DETAILS and to REGISTER!


image via Chris Petsos Photography