Barcelona Journal: Lemon Cloud & A Giveaway

Vanilla cream, mandarin sorbet, milk, honey, toasted hazelnut, carmelized brown sugar, bergamot basil… Sound like a delectable confection? Or a gourmand perfume? Both are correct! The Lemon Cloud dessert, created by pastry chef Jordi Roca of restaurant El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona, Spain, is also a fragrance -  Núvol de Llimona – created in collaboration with perfumer Agusti Vidal.

Chef Jordi and Perfumer Agusti traveled from Girona to meet us at our hotel during Sniffapalooza’s Barcelona fragrance journey. They shared their fascinating story through sights, sounds, and smells. See our YouTube videos of their presentation below.

Inspired by 5 boxes of bergamot brought to the highly-acclaimed El Celler de Can Roca  by a friend, sommelier Joseph Roca recognized that the scent was similar to a cologne that he wore, Calvin Klein Eternity. Intrigued by the close relationship of taste and smell, Jordi promptly went to work on a dessert interpretation of Eternity, using the bitter fruit for a bergamot basil sauce to be served over ice cream and sorbet. Dessert interpretations of over two dozen other fragrances followed – including Lancome Miracle, Terre d’Hermes, Thierry Mugler Angel, and Ralph Lauren Polo Blue. A serendipitous meeting with Barcelona perfumer Agusti Vidal at a perfumery course sparked their collaboration on a fragrance based on the Lemon Cloud dessert. Created specifically to be sniffed while enjoying the dessert and enhancing the culinary experience, it turned out to be something more than they had anticipated. Though it wasn’t their intention to sell the perfume, they received many, many requests and inevitably Núvol de Llimona the perfume was born – complete with a beautiful opaque white globe-shaped bottle and a box with a reprint of one of Jordi’s paintings.  Lemon Cloud is available here and here.

Jordi and Agusti shared samples of Lemon Cloud with us, and we’d like to share with you! Enter our giveaway for a 5ml rollerball bottle of Lemon Cloud by leaving a comment below. Tell us which dessert you think would make a fascinating fragrance.

Núvol de Llimona:
Top notes: bergamot, tangerine
Middle notes: lily of the valley, milk, custard
Base notes: sugar syrup, toasted sugar, musk


  • Sujaan

    I am so excited that Lemon Cloud has come to America!! I love all lemony things and would love to have the desert too!! How about Indian rice pudding with cardamon and dates for a perfume?

  • Germany38

    Lemon Cloud sounds delicious! Another dessert, hummm maybe creme brulee.
    Thanks for the drawing!!

  • Gretchen

    I would love a fragrance made inspired by an indian rice pudding with lots of milk, almonds, rosewater and my favorite cardamom!

  • abbyjane

    I’d love a sample of Lemon Cloud. Another dessert perfume I’d like to smell is rosewater panna cotta with pistachios.

  • Sophie

    Lemon Cloud: what a great name for a fragrance! It seems lovely! I think that cherry pie would make a wonderful (if sweet!) fragrance!

  • Karmyn Caraballo

    gourmand perfume…….love it!!!!

    • Karmyn Caraballo

      oh & the dessert fragrance I would like to smell….Chocolate Cannoli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thedarlingroom

    I’d like to smell a strawberry shortcake scent that doesn’t smell like the Strawberry Shortcake doll. I would also love a Lemon Cloud rollerball!!!! oxoxox~a

  • Nilda

    Orange vanilla spice cake( the spice being Nutmeg)

  • Jamaica

    I like lemon fragrances, and lemon foods also. This sounds very fun. A suggestion for a dessert inspired fragrance is nectarine crisp…fresh nectarines with a spiced brown sugar oat topping.

  • Juliduck

    Lemon Cloud sounds like what I have been craving forever! The dessert fragrance I would love to smell is the coffee manal cake that my momma used to bake so many years ago….

  • kastehelmi

    I am so excited to try Nuvol de Llimona too, soon enough, sounds mouthwatering! I would love to smell a high-quality perfume dedicated to raspberry sorbet, tart and rich, mmm…..

  • Datura5750

    Peach Melba!

  • Davidecker

    Sounds like a great fragrance!

  • Parfum Kert

    I would love a sample of Lemon Cloud! And I would love to smell an icecream inspired perfume, which is icy and sweet at the same time.

  • Cjblue

    Carrot cake, of course! With cream cheese frosting. Lemon Cloud sounds lovely.

  • Cynthia3403

    Lemon cloud sounds divine! I’d love to try it. I make a strawberry triffle with copious amounts of amaretto. I think this has promise as a scent.

  • Anonymous

    My but this sounds so delicious!!

  • Roganfelicia

    Dessert and fragrance! What wonderful marriage! I’d love to smell a cinnamon and apple crisp with creme. If you baked it like baked alaska, it would have the slight Carmel smokey smell. Oh wow. I’d love to be your winner:)

  • Mgartshore

    Would love the recipe for the dessert. I think I’d like the smell of coconut custard. Love that coconut smell. It reminds me of the beach.

  • Donna Hathaway

    Wow, please enter me, I have been wanting to try this! One of my favorite desserts is also lemon-based – I found a recipe for Sophia Loren’s favorite dessert, a lemon ricotta pie with golden raisins and other goodies in it. A lot of work but it tasted heavenly!

  • Carlos J Powell

    Not really a dessert, but a dessert sauce…Dulce de Leche would make a great perfume.

  • Tanya

    I loveeee sweet sensual yet clean smells and the notes in this fragrance seem to uphold that! :)

  • emoem

    Mango sticky rice- not too sweet, with a rice-steam note.

  • Dbellissimo3

    A wonderful dessert that smell like Banana Foster would be a wonderful fragrance
    which would incorporate sweet boozy rum and caramelized brown sugar and sweet butter
    finally a faint whiff of a yellow ripe banana touched with garnished raw flakes of coconut
    to make the final impression of the pallet…Heaven !! Yum!! :-)

  • Klhood123

    Enter me! I’ve been keen on trying this!

  • Julie L

    mandarin orange cake :) thanks

  • Lucas

    chocolate and peach cheesecake could be a wonderful fragrance. very yummy!

  • Amanda Hamilton

    I would love a caramel and vanilla scented perfume with figs!

    • Amanda Hamilton

      Lemon Cloud sounds like it would be a great scent for me! I love gourmand!

  • Jenwin

    I think Peach Melba would be extraordinary- vanilla cream, the fragrant raspberries, the warm spicy peaches.