What A Weekend!

While Team Karen recovers from the whirlwind weekend of scentsory discovery that is Sniffapalooza Spring Fling, you can read a few great blogger recaps here and here (we’ll post more as we see them!)

Here are some photo highlights of Sweet 16 Sniffapalooza.Check back soon for our Lunch Loot tote bag giveaway!

Images, top to bottom:

  • Henri Bendel Fragrance Mezzanine
  • Bergdorf Goodman Breakfast at Goodman’s Cafe
  • Chloe Scented Roses
  • Luncheon at Opia
  • Givaudan iPerfumer Presentation
  • Jacomo’s It’s Me, presented by Celine
  • The Scents of Departure
  • Ben Krigler, Krigler Perfumery at The Plaza
  • Payard Macarons at Krigler
  • Atelier Cologne Boutique
  • Kelly & Jones Notes of Wine Collection
  • Kim Spadaro, founder of Spadaro Perfumes
  • Charna Ethier, Providence Perfume Co.
  • Keynote Speaker Mark Behnke, CaFleureBon
  • Diptyque Boutique