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The Clarimonde Experience at MiN New York

From our friends at MiN New York

New York, NY, October 19, 2012 — Haute parfumerie MiN New York in SoHo New York City, will host a Baroque Venice, 19th Century themed masquerade in honor of The Clarimonde Perfume Project. The Clarimonde Experience, will be unveiled over three nights: October 25th through 27th from 7:30-9:30 pm.

Clarimonde is a bewitching courtesan filled with an immortal power. Written by the French 19th Century decadent writer Theophile Gautier, Clarimonde is a demanding beauty within us that calls to us from an alternate sense of heightened reality, sometimes in our dreams, sometimes in real life. Chillingly and beautifully directed by Lucy Raubertas, the Clarimonde Perfume Project, brings the tale of Gautier’s vampire legend to life through extraordinary dance, an exquisite set, exceptional perfumes, and generous libations of elixirs. Conceived by Raubertas while listening to the story walking late one night “as the streets were flooded by the fragrance of blooming trees and the fog intensified their fragrance, magnifying the words of Theophile Gautier’s story to more fully express the ephemeral magic of love and uncertainty,” this mystical experience unveils through interactive storytelling with surprises around every turn. Guests are invited to discover, anticipate, and explore the phenomenon through each limited edition, hand-made perfumes and libations.

Clarimonde will engage all the senses. Five artisan perfumers have created bespoke fragrances, each celebrating a moment in the Clarimonde story. Signature perfumed spirits by MiN New York’s Curator, Mindy Yang, will be served throughout the event.
Clarimonde is a MiN New York production, for ticket and additional information, please visit Tickets are $75 and attendees are requested to arrive at 7:30 pm en-masque and costumed. Costume and mask should be inspired by an image, to be received with each ticket confirmation, along with the password for entry.
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