Sniffapalooza’s Holiday Fragrance Luncheon

Two dozen scent enthusiasts braved throngs of roving Santas to meet for an afternoon of fine flavors, fragrances, and friendship at Mercato Trattoria in NYC. Sniffapalooza teamed with Crafting Beauty‘s Francois Damide and Executive Chef, Emanuel Concas to produce a six-course meal influenced by raw materials and nine fragrances hand-picked to create a unique culinary and sensory experience. Accompanying the dishes were specially-chosen wines to enhance both taste and smell. Come share our savory journey…


St. Germain House Cocktail inspired by Jacomo It’s Me

Arancino di riso with Saffron, cumin, orange zest inspired by Mercato Scented Candle

Strawberry Salad with Pecorino Romano, balsamic vinegar, wild arugula and mintscented oil inspired by Hayari Only for Her

Wild King Salmon with Shaved fennel, grapefruit, frisee and pink peppercorn dressing inspired by Jouany Marrakech

Oxtail Pasta Original with Cinnamon, cumin, clove and tomato sauce inspired by Jacomo de Jacomo

Braised Lamb with Ginger, black tea, raisin, apricot and star anise reduction inspired by Jacomo Art Collection #08

Pannacotta with Mandarin, peach and vanilla inspired by Hayari Broderie


Neprica Tormaresca 2010 inspired by Jacomo Art Collection #02
Pecorino Barone di Balforte 2011ย inspired by Jacomo Silences Sublime