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The Essence of Fragrance and Wine! August 3, 2013 in LA!

From our friends, Sarah Horowitz and Mary Orlin:

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Presenting The Essence of Fragrance –  a Perfume and Wine Aroma Sensory Workshop. Join us for this exploration of the aromatic experience of wine and perfume, led by Master Perfumer Sarah Horowitz and Sommelier and Journalist Mary Orlin. 

During our workshop Chief Perfumer Sarah Horowitz-Thran will educate participants on the history of fragrance and how our sense of smell works before delving into the principals of building a scent.

Sommelier and fragrance and wine writer for The Huffington Post Mary Orlin will speak to the similarities in the language of wine and perfumery.  Our guest vintner is Sonja Magdevski of Casa Dumetz Wines, and we will pair Casa Dumetz wines with perfume oil notes curated by Sarah Horowitz.

In this master class we take participants on a journey into the intersection of the arts of perfume and wine and how and why they are similar and complimentary to each other.  We’ll explore pulling out common fragrant notes in each.  

Come for an afternoon of fragrance, wine and nibbles.  Space is extremely limited so sign up now!

Workshop Outline:

• The History of the Art of Perfume and the Art of Blending

• The History of Wine, the Art of Winemaking and the Aromatic Experience of Wine Tasting

• An introduction to over 100 perfume oils – aromatics curated to represent wine aromas

• Modern Perfumery and Modern Wine and the Indie Scene:  How niche perfumers and boutique winemakers craft fragrances and wines that are works of art and have a story behind the label

• The common aromatic language of wine and perfume

• Sensory exploration of perfume notes in Casa Dumetz wines.  Scent strips and wine tasting

• Together with the workshop participants, we will create a one-of-a-kind perfume during the session that is inspired by one of the Casa Dumetz wines.  We’ll vote on the wine and the notes.  Sarah will blend and balance the scent and make adjustments from feedback of the participants.  Each person will get a sample vial of the custom perfume they helped create.

Workshop Highlights:

• Led by two experts in perfume and wine

• Education about the history of perfume and wine

• Detailed handouts including notes on elements of perfume and wine and aromatic characteristics

• 100+ aromatic perfume oils, curated to reflect aromas in wine

• Perfume presented on scent strips highlighting notes in wines tasted during the workshop

• Custom wine-inspired perfume made during the workshop, created with participants. Participants take home sample vial.

Date : August 3, 2013 to August 3, 2013

Time : 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Address : 850 Hampshire Road, Suite F, Westlake Village, CA 91361

Phone : (805) 497-1901

Fees : $310