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Fall Ball 2013 Preview: Sniffapalooza Luncheons!

il gattopardo nyc copy We’ve got two fantastic new restaurants, over a dozen fabulous speakers, and lots of Lunch Loot lined up for Sniffapalooza Fall Ball!

On Saturday, October 26, we’ll be dining on four delicious courses at Il Gattopardo, with the following speaker line-up:

  • House of Sillage – David Rueda
  • Just Bloom  – Blair Bloom
  • Maria Candida Gentile, Maitre Parfumeur
  • Bergamot Box – Jason Fried
  • Hayari Parfums – Nabil Hayari
  • Ghost Food – Miriam Songster
  • Mikey & Momo Aromaflage – Michael Fensterstock
  • Family & Children’s Agency, Fairfield County  – Stacy Holmen
  • Make Perfume Not War – Vicken Arslanian
  • Midnight Promise Giveaway – Gordon Schaye
  • GoodSmellas – Carlos Powell, Rich Scardaville

On Sunday, October 27, we’ll be enjoying brunch at Emporio, with the following speakers at our EAU de Sniffapalooza Showcase:

  • CaFleureBon – Mark Behnke – MC
  • Trendincite – Amy Marks McGee
  • Phoenix Botanicals – Irina Adam
  • Arbonne – Shanna Mirante
  • Charenton Macerations – Douglas Bender
  • Midnight Promise – Sarah Horowitz, Gordon Schaye

Just a few seats remain for Sniffapalooza Fall Ball! CLICK to reserve yours NOW!