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Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2013 Highlights, Part Two!

2013 Fall Ball Molton BrownHere’s a glimpse of the fragrant happenings of our Downtown Sunday. We started out with tea and pastries at Molton Brown, moved along to champagne and pastries at Osswald. A visit to the Fragrance Republ!c followed, then we brunched at Emporio and enjoyed a fine EAU de Sniffapalooza Showcase of new talent. Our Afternoon Scent Trek included stops at MiN NY, Diptyque, Red Flower, Le Labo, Atelier Cologne & Bond No. 9. We all collapsed in a fragrant heap at the end of the day!

Coming soon… Lunch Loot Giveaway! Stay tuned for details!

2013 Fall Ball Sergio Momo


2013 Fall Ball Fragrance Republ!c2013 Fall Ball Emporio Menu
2013 Fall Ball Sarah Horowitz2013 Fall Ball Irina Adam2013 Fall Ball Doug Bender2013 Fall Ball Diptyque2013 Fall Ball Red Flower2013 Fall Ball View from DiptyquePhotos, top to bottom:

Molton Brown; Sergio Momo of Xerjoff at Osswald; Fragrance RepublIc; Emporio menu; EAU de Sniffapalooza Showcase – Sniffapalooza Founder Karen Dubin & perfumer Sarah Horowitz present Midnight Promise, Irina Adam presents Phoenix Botanicals, Douglas Bender of Charenton Macerations presents Christopher Street;  Diptyque; Red Flower; the view from Diptyque.