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Odysense at Symrise: A Scented Journey Through China

Symrise ArrivalSniffapalooza joined forces with WFFC and Symrise last night for a scented sojourn through China. The evening commenced with mingling and networking over light bites of fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, and a delicious steamed dim sum assortment. We also enjoyed fresh brewed iced teas and festive white chocolate-dipped fortune cookies which held a special surprise!

Doreen Bucher, VP of Fine Fragrance Marketing, took us on our virtual journey through sights, sounds and scents. We watched interviews with the Symrise perfumers as they explored the local essences of China. Ms. Bucher explained how the discovered scents were grouped into four olfactive themes – Tea, Floral, Herbal, and Tasty. Scent accord and finished fragrance blotters were passed around to add an aromatic dimension to the presentation.  Many thanks to Symrise for an inspiring Odysense adventure!

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