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Sniffapalooza Presents: Smell Perception & the Neuroscience of Personality, Sun 2/23 in NYC!

smell of white

In our perpetual quest to bring you the most fantastic scented experiences, Sniffapalooza has created an event that combines the art and science of fragrance to give you an incredible whiff of sensory exploration, education, and self-reflection on Sunday, February 23rd, in NYC!  We will venture beyond the perfume bottle to understand how the chemical aspects of perfumery affect our smell perception, preferences, and link to our personality traits. Because at Sniffapalooza we don’t just enjoy wearing scent – we love how it makes us feel and think,  how it has the power to transport us, and how it is infused in every moment of our lives!

Leading us on this fascinating journey is Dr. Syed Shamil, who earned a Ph.D in Taste and Smell Perception from the University of Reading in the United Kingdom, before going on to managerial positions at PepsiCo, as well as leading flavor and fragrance houses Firmenich and Mane. Dr. Shamil has partnered with Dr. Helen Fisher, a renowned Biological Anthropologist, award-winning lecturer, research professor at Rutgers University, and the Chief Scientific Advisor at,  and Robertet Master Perfumer Mathieu Nardin, to create DAT (Doctor’s Aromatic Treat). DAT is a revolutionary line of four gender non-specific perfumes based on the neuroscience of personality and developed specifically to attract four broad, biologically-based styles of personality: Explorer, Builder, Director & Negotiator. To develop the perfumes, M. Nardin used his creative experience and subjective interpretation to match each suite of personality traits with a compliment of olfactory notes. We’ll get a rare insider’s look at Dr. Fisher’s cutting-edge research in identifying four primary systems in the brain, each of which is associated with the four personality styles, and we’ll have the incredible opportunity to take Dr. Fisher’s questionnaire, which not only determines our own prevailing personality style, but also shows what type of person we are most naturally drawn to chemically. And we’ll learn about our own preferences when choosing fragrance, and how we can alter the perception others have of us through scent!

Click for more information, and to register. Hope to see you there!

image via greenprophet