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Event Recap: Smell Perception & The Neuroscience of Personality

Four fragrance mods matching the personality types
Four fragrance mods matching the personality types

   Last weekend, over 80 fragrance enthusiasts gathered in NYC for a thought-provoking session on personality and smell perception. Rutgers Research Professor, Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist and scientific advisor at &, guided us through the exploration of personality types and how they relate to the people we’re attracted to.

  Having completed a Temperament Inventory at home, we sampled four fragrances reflecting the different personality styles and found the one that most appealed to us. Robertet perfumer Mathieu Nardin, filled us in about the creation process, and discussed how he translates feelings and emotions into fragrances.  Dr. Syed Shamil, an expert in smell and taste perception, shared his knowledge of how scent can help attract people to us, and how we can use it to increase our chances of successful and long-lasting relationships.


Team Karen, Dr. Syed Shamil, Perfumer Mathieu Nardin, Dr. Helen Fisher

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