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#SniffaFallBall2014 Preview: Fragrance Luminaries!

Kilian Sniffapalooza E-Card

We’re very excited to have several stellar stars of the olfactive universe participating in our event. Here’s a sneak-peek at some of the amazing guests who will be joining us!

  • Chandler Burr – Author, Fragrance Curator, & former Fragrance Critic for The New York Times. Don’t miss the Sniffapalooza Interview Series at Saturday’s luncheon when Sniffapalooza founder Karen Dubin asks Chandler the questions you were afraid to!
  • Kilian Hennessy – Creator of the phenomenal perfume line, By Kilian. Meet the fragrantly charismatic Kilian at Bergdorf Goodman on Saturday as he introduces his two new collections, The Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire & Addictive State of Mind. World launch of the perfume jewelry collection!
  • Kelly Killoren Bensimon with Francois Damide – Author, former model, beauty editor, philanthropist & cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City, the multi-talented Kelly Bensimon has created her first candle with Francois Damide of Crafting Beauty, Baiser Rose. She’ll be at Saturday’s luncheon to give us a first whiff!
  • Carlos Huber – Founder of the exquisite fragrance brand inspired by architecture and history, Arquiste. Meet our wonderful friend Carlos at Osswald Parfumerie on Sunday as he unveils  his newest collection for Arquiste, The Architect Club, accompanied by some extraordinary perfumer friends!
  • Mark Behnke –  The editor of the amazing perfume blog, Colognoisseur, raconteur, fragrance expert, & all-around great guy… Mark Behnke is a wealth of olfactive knowledge. Get to know him at Sunday’s luncheon when he gives the keynote address and hosts our Eau de Sniffapalooza showcase (Emerging Artisans Uncorked)!