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Counting Down to #SniffaFallBall2014!


In just ten short days, fragrance lovers from around the world will be gathering in NYC for Sniffapalooza Fall Ball! Please join us on Saturday, October 11 & Sunday, October 12 – for the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our spectacular scent event!

Some of our favorite parts of the weekend are those famous luncheons, where we get to chow down on great food, chat up our tablemates, kick back with a glass of wine, and enjoy compelling presentations! 

Here’s what we’ve got planned for you… 


  • Meet Chef Roblé Ali, of Bravo TV’s Chef Roblé & Co, as he presents his latest creation… CLIQUE by Roblé, the world’s first Fragrance Recipe!
  • Join Candice Sabatini, co-owner and Fragrance Editor of Beauty News NYC, for a fragrance trivia game and win beauty booty!
  • Learn the latest trends in Scent Innovation with Caroline Fabrigas of Scent Marketing Institute and ScentWorld!
  • Get to know Carlos Powell, the founder of Peace Love Perfume, a super-cool group for fragrance fans (check them out on Facebook!)
  • Discover the exquisite Carthusia Profumi with Madeline Johnson, the art of Italian perfumery at its best!


  • Join Christine Daley of Perfumer Supply House for an Ingredients Workshop!
  • Welcome Sue Phillips, fragrance expert & founder of The Scentarium, NYC’s newest perfumery & interactive fragrance space!
  • Meet Francois Damide of Crafting Beauty, & learn how private-label perfumes are designed & manufactured!
  • Discover Kiori, the cozy, seductive new fragrance inspired by the world of ballet. Meet founders (and siblings) Lisa Wallos & David Cantor!
  • Experience Phoenix Botanicals, a new artisanal fragrance brand inspired by nature and story. Meet creator Irina Adam!

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