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#SniffaFallBall2015 Preview: Molton Brown!

Molton Brown EDT Collection

It’s always a pleasure to visit the Molton Brown Flagship Store on Madison Avenue, and it’s even better when we arrive with a big group of our favorite fragrance friends during Sniffapalooza Fall Ball! Molton Brown will be serving sweet treats and prosecco upon our arrival, and they’re planning a special gift-with-purchase and raffle just for us! We hope you’ll be joining us!

Here’s what we’ll be discovering at Molton Brown this weekend:

The Eau de Toilette Collection: Crafted in collaboration with the world’s most respected perfumers, each distinctive creation is composed like a piece of fine art to inspire the senses. The fragrance notes are delicately balanced, accentuating a very complex top note, leading into a more gradual heart and finishing with a strong, long-lasting base that remains faithful to our bestselling body blends. The Eau de Toilette Collection includes 8 fragrances. 

  • Mesmerising Oudh According & Gold
  • Re-Charge Black Pepper
  • Bushukan
  • Fiery Pink Pepper
  • Blossoming Honeysuckle & White Tea
  • Heavenly Gingerlily
  • Orange & Bergamot
  • Ylang-Ylang

The Tobacco Absolute Collection: The Tobacco Absolute Collection is the ultimate exploration of masculine, seasoned depth. Borne from the cultivated world of botany through the tobacco plant, it includes a Bath & Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette.  The inspiration behind the blend is the distinguished, eighteenth century British botanist Dr.William Houstoun and his discovery of a tobacco plant specimen in South America –where Molton Brown also sourced their hero ingredient. Redolent of Molton Brown’s own nature of uncovering the world’s rarest ingredients, Houstoun’s pioneering spirit is contemporised in this nuanced, earthy scent. The intriguing fragrance further enriches this season’s leading men’s collection by bringing to life the story of a modern botanist. With its deep, profound presence, this collection is the perfect fragrance layering gift for him this autumn and winter.

MoltonBrown_TobaccoAbsolute-1 copy