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Celebrate Spring with Sniffapalooza & Camille Goutal Over Cocktails & Music, Tuesday, May 3 in NYC!

camille goutal
We’ve collaborated with our amazing friends at Annick Goutal to bring our fantasy to reality. It’s with extreme pleasure that we invite you to Celebrate Spring with Sniffapalooza and Camille Goutal, on Tuesday, May 3, 6:00pm – 8:00pm at the Madison Avenue boutique in NYC!
We all know Annick Goutal  as the amazing French fragrance house and creator of exquisite perfumes for body, bath and lifestyle. Now we are invited to step inside their scented world to meet Perfumer & Creative Director Camille Goutal  in a celebration of Spring and artistic expression!  Pairing fragranced items from Annick Goutal’s prolific range with delectable cocktails, luscious light bites, and inspiring cello music, the goal is to give an interactive experience that embodies the relationship between the senses in a unique way.

Retail Manager and Fragrance Specialist Francoise Alessi will also be with us to give a brief overview of this much-loved fragrance house. Camille Goutal will introduce us to the latest masterpieces: Rose Pompon, L’Ile au The and the Splendide Skincare line. There will be plenty of time to sniff and sample the full Annick Goutal range, and to chat with Camille and the team, take Polaroid photos with Camille, and Camille will be signing your purchased bottles. The registration fee is only $10.00, and if you’d like to be part of this joyous celebration of Spring with Sniffapalooza and Camille Goutal, just click Register Now to sign up!