Sniffapalooza Exclusive Offer to Help Cancer Research – Giving Back is a Beautiful Thing!


For twelve years, Sniffapalooza has traversed the universe in search of beautiful sensory experiences to share with you. And along the way our hearts have been touched by the kindness of amazing people!  With extreme appreciation for the generosity and loyalty extended to us, we have joyfully made it our mission to give back and we are thrilled to have donated the funds from our events to many charities over the years.

An extraordinary opportunity to help the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has come our way from one of our long-time Sniffapalooza members, Lauren McDonald. We are excited to tell you about it because it not only includes a gift for you, but the entire proceeds will be donated to the charity to foster further research for pancreatic cancer, which currently has a 5% survival rate.

Love2Love: A Fragrant Collaboration with Coty & Walmart

Love2Love Collection



As someone who has loved fragrance just about my entire life, I never lose the thrill of trying a new fragrance. I read every fashion and beauty magazine I can get my hands on, but not until after I’ve flipped through them scavaging for the scent-strips. I scan the web regularly to see when new launches are happening, and, most importantly, where I can go to get a whiff of a new creation.

I’m particularly interested in the creative process, and I love a meeting of fragrant minds coming together to develop something unique that couldn’t exist without collaboration. So when I heard that Coty was working on a fragrance collection with Walmart called Love2Love, I got very intrigued. Coty, one of the oldest, still-in-operation fragrance companies in the world, and Walmart, where America shops – what a blast to see what they came up with!

Which of Chef Roblé’s Fragrance Recipes Will Clique?

roble entranceFragrance enthusiasts, press, and fans gathered at The DL on the Lower East Side to share the privilege of helping Celebrity Chef Roblé Ali select the Fragrance Recipe that will become his first perfume, CLIQUE. Roblé worked with top Firmenich perfumer, Frank Voelkl, to create the scent, and those in attendance got to choose between the top two finalists. We sampled one scent on each wrist and answered a brief questionnaire immediately after application for our initial impressions, and then an hour later to evaluate the drydown. Each scent contained notes from Roblé’s favorite recipes, including a citrus cocktail and his famous French Toast Crunch.

Odysense at Symrise: A Scented Journey Through China

Symrise ArrivalSniffapalooza joined forces with WFFC and Symrise last night for a scented sojourn through China. The evening commenced with mingling and networking over light bites of fresh fruit, crunchy veggies, and a delicious steamed dim sum assortment. We also enjoyed fresh brewed iced teas and festive white chocolate-dipped fortune cookies which held a special surprise!

Doreen Bucher, VP of Fine Fragrance Marketing, took us on our virtual journey through sights, sounds and scents. We watched interviews with the Symrise perfumers as they explored the local essences of China. Ms. Bucher explained how the discovered scents were grouped into four olfactive themes – Tea, Floral, Herbal, and Tasty. Scent accord and finished fragrance blotters were passed around to add an aromatic dimension to the presentation.  Many thanks to Symrise for an inspiring Odysense adventure!

Sniffapalooza Fall Ball 2013 Highlights!

2013 Fall Ball BkfstWe’re floating down from the fragrant cloud of Sniffapalooza Fall Ball! Our scented weekend was jam packed with the discovery of new perfumes, new friends, new ideas, and delicious food! Here are a few highlights of Saturday’s events, in images. Many thanks to Bergdorf Goodman, Henri Bendel, Il Gattopardo, Krigler Perfumery, and Twisted Lily for being part of our incredible weekend! Watch for Sunday highlights, and our Sniffapalooza Fall Ball Lunch Loot Giveawaycoming soon!!