Sniffapalooza’s Diptyque Volutes Master Class & Gift Bag Giveaway!

There’s a slice of Paris tucked away in the West Village. Just step inside Diptyque’s Bleecker St. boutique, and you’ll almost feel that you’ve been magically transported to Boulevard Saint Germain. Mirrored murals and custom fabrics meld Paris with NYC, making Diptyque the perfect setting for a Sniffapalooza Master Class.

Boutique Manager Kerin, along with the attentive and knowledgeable Steve, Helen and Jackie, welcomed us into their scented jewel box, where we learned about their newest fragrance. Volutes, created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, and inspired by an ocean crossing from Marseilles to Saigon, is smoky, sweet & spicy. Notes, several of which were displayed in raw material form,  include iris, honey, dried fruit, immortelle, saffron, pepper, tobacco, patchouli, opopanax and benzoin.

We explored Diptyque’s scents for the home, bath, and body, while mingling with fellow fragrance enthusiasts, and munching on delicious sweet and savory treats.

A special event-only discount was offered on all purchases. Everyone went home with a custom Diptyque gift bag which included a mini candle, fragrance samples, and The Art of Body Care sachets.

And we saved an extra gift bag just for you! Leave a comment below about your favorite Diptyque home or personal scent. One winner will be chosen at random to receive the custom gift bag pictured above. Good Luck!

  • Radmila Ustych

    wow, great giveaway! never had the chance to listen to Diptyque and i am excited to try one. Thanks, Radmila,

  • Pixiestixpet

    I’ve vaguely heard of this line but I’ve never seen it in person at any of the stores I shop at (Nordstrom, Sephora, etc). This is a wonderful giveaway for someone like me to try a sampling of them!

  • Tonygoh

    Oh I love diptyque candles, for their personal scents, I would say Eau Duelle is my fav! Thanks for the draw!

  • TaffyJ

    Ooo, this is very nice! My favorite Diptyque is L’ombre dans L’eau. It is the most beautiful rose garden, and I mean the whole garden. So interesting and lovely!

  • Vivaudou

    I miss all of my delicious adventures with my sniffa sistas and brothers. Although now surrounded with fresh gardenias year round, I would have loved being enveloped in a room of Diptyque Baies and Mimosa candles with all of you! I’d love this swag!! Big kisses, hugs and sniffs to all of you and my dear Karens!!!!

  • Scentedpapers

    What a wonderful giveaway! Diptyque’s Tubereuse is my favorite scent.

  • Lisa_jferguson

    I am obsessed w Diptyque – the body exfoliate is so creamy and gentle to use on a weekly basis. The scent is so light and clean! As for scents, I love Physlivokos – it is the true essence of fig! Tam Dao is also a favorite- the woodsy, earthy, Sandlewood evokes a feeling of warmth and makes me feel one w nature! I must mention that the scented home collection is a great gift idea- I have found reed diffusers w many companies- but Diptyque is unique w this product. You can hang they are a combination of a solid perfume ( larger scale of course) / candle/ sachet- I suggest only using in a small space so that the essence stays strong . The ray de Parfums- Rose collection is another favorite. I usually am partial to Rosefloral scents but the dry down has some woodsy notes so u get an earthy floral that is to die for! The velvet hand balm is moisturizing – it is a true balm in the sense of consistancy so a little goes a long way. I believe it is a great staple to have in your purse just like u may have lip balm w u always. As for the velvet body lotion- I use that on my entire body. I believe it is intended for the hands – but the clean scent makes me feel do good I use it everywhere. Plus it helps moisturize my body. The body oil is another great ancillary product – best used when u are a bit damp after a shower. I could go on and on since the products are amazing! Take care Lisa Ferguson

  • Lisa_jferguson

    Forgot to mention that I also love the Candles and those pretty sniffers and wick trimmer you can buy. The packaging is so eye catching yet simple. I hope my name is drawn as the winner oil. I wish I didn’t miss Aug 4 Master class looked like an amazing time.

  • Amy Orvin

    I have never tried Diptyque candles but would love to try the Oyédo scent.
    Amy Orvin

  • Deanna G.

    I have never tried Diptyque before but would definitely love to! :)

  • Mrs. Scents

    Like a few of the others I’ve never had the pleasure of enjoying a Diptyque fragrance, and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it! :D

  • Lindaloo

    Favourite Diptyque personal scent is Philosykos. Would love to experience the body products. Thanks for the draw opportunity.

  • Kathleen

    I love love LOVE L’Ombre dans l’Eau in perfume and naturally Baies in the candle.

  • Rosiegreen

    I have never tried Diptyque scents though I would love to. Thanks for the draw.

  • Darren Tan

    My favorite home scent is Baies. Just smelling that fruity note perks me up. :)

  • Bellatrix

    So far it is Eau Duelle. It is made for summer but it is such a perfect companion during winter. :)

  • Suzy Nightingale

    My absolute favourite Diptyque personal scent has to be L’Ombre dans L’Eau – it’s so unusual, green and fresh as a woodland walk straight after a rain shower, yet with a lingering powdery calmness. My fiancé got me a bottle as a surprise after a horrible week and I’ve loved it ever since.

  • Musette

    Tam Dao is my favorite – it’s so calming. I spritz the bedroom curtains with Tam Dao when I want to enter a meditative state. Good for calming what ails ya~

  • Mjc17601

    Would love to smell 34. How many perfumes can one women have???? Diptyque are wonderful products

  • Cassandra Coppola

    I would love to win this gift bag :)

  • AnnaK

    i like
    to try the Oyédo scent

  • Joel

    Very intrested in trying this line count me in

  • Sophie Lee

    This sounds like crazy fun. Love diptyque!

  • Diana Devlin

    Would love to win this! Was a winner ever selected or is the contest still going on?

  • Toni searles

    Stumbled upon your event today! How I wish I could come to NYC and take part in this awesome scent journey. Stuck a little to far away ( Orlando, Florida )
    I’m currently loving L’ombre …I love it!